LipusPlus® Horse offers a cutting-edge solution for a wide spectrum of both musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries in addition to superficial pathologies, especially when conventional approaches have proven slow or insufficient. Notably, LipusPlus® Horse improves of recovery speed through a fast rehabilitation, offering an efficient and innovative approach to equine wellness.

Conditions best treated by LipusPlus Horse

  • Arthritis (especially acute cases)
  • Equine Wound Healing
  • Equine Fractures
  • Cartilage Injuries
  • Muscle Strain in Horses
  • Equine Tendon Injuries
  • Ligament Injuries and Disorders in Horses
  • Equine Skin Conditions (e.g., mud fever, scabs, rasp)
  • Post-Performance Recovery Enhancement
  • Equine Muscle Soreness Relief
  • Muscle Discomfort in Horses
  • Muscle Contractures in Horses
  • Joint Galls in Horses (Girth galls and windgalls)
  • Equine Joint Stiffness
  • Equine Inflammatory Conditions
  • Equine Tendinitis

Cases with LipusPlus® Horse

We used the LipusPlus® Horse for treating several different injuries with exceptional results. See our cases.