LipusPlus® Horse Treatment

LipusPlus® Horse offers a cutting-edge solution for a wide spectrum of both musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries in addition to superficial pathologies, especially when conventional approaches have proven slow or insufficient. Notably, LipusPlus® Horse improves of recovery speed through a fast rehabilitation, offering an efficient and innovative approach to equine wellness.
Conditions best treated by LipusPlus® Horse
  • Arthritis (especially acute cases)
  • Equine Wound Healing
  • Equine Fractures
  • Cartilage Injuries
  • Muscle Strain in Horses
  • Equine Tendon Injuries
  • Ligament Injuries and Disorders in Horses
  • Equine Skin Conditions (e.g., mud fever, scabs, rasp)
  • Post-Performance Recovery Enhancement
  • Equine Muscle Soreness Relief
  • Muscle Pain in Horses
  • Muscle Contractures in Horses
  • Joint Galls in Horses (Girth galls and windgalls)
  • Equine Inflammatory Conditions
  • Equine Tendinitis

Ultrasound treatment with LipusPlus® Horse on Demelize "Liza"

Ultrasound treatment with LipusPlus® Horse on horse Liza

Demelize "Liza", show jumper


Backproblems, tens and her balance was bad. She refused to jump.


LipusPlus Horse on lumbar region targeting muscles and tissues around the psoas. After a few days we added the inside of her hind leg, shoulder and thorasic sling.


Backproblems gone and Liza has started jumping again